Tell a good story and people will
recognize who you are.

Tell an even better story and people
will recognize themselves.









Story Design
For a solid foundation.



Brand Strategy
What does your brand stand for? What is its purpose? What makes it relevant? What makes it stand out?

Our instruments: brand purpose workshops; WHY HOW WHAT; brand archetypes; brand roles; brand models

#brandpurpose #brandarchetypes #whyhowwhat #brandroles #brandmodels



Communication Strategy
How do you acquire new clients? How to you retain your clients? And how do you make them ambassadors of your brand?

Our instruments: customer journey analysis; touchpoint analysis; messaging frameworks, sales funnels; loyalty programmes

#customeracquisition #customerretention #customerjourney #touchpointanalysis #messagingframeworks #salesfunnels #brandloyalty



Creative Concept
How do you coin your message, so that it thrills, entertains and emotionalizes your target group? It also should be differentiating and work in the digital world.

Our instruments: storytelling; design; key visuals; video; motion graphics, wordings, tonality

#design #graphicdesign #storytelling #motiongraphics #keyvisuals #wording #tonality

Story Activation
For a successful brand experience.



Editorial and Content
An agile campaigning asks for communication specialists with a down-to-earth attitude and experienced craftmanship. They must be able to permanently develop a story, create gripping content and inspire their audiences.

Our Team: copywriters; editorial specialists; photographers; film directors; illustrators; motion graphic designers; cinematographers; designers; illuminators

#text #editorial #photography #illustrators #video #director #designer



Production and Project
Looking for an experienced team for photo productions, video and film productions, event productions, print productions, any sort of content production?

Our team: producers; project managers

#creativeproductions #projectmanagement



Performance and Growth
Our performance marketing and growth hacking approach pursuits just one single goal: to deliver measurable success.

Our team: strategists for digital campaigns; data analysts; SEO/SEA experts; social media experts; growth hacker; dashboard specialists

#growthhacking #digitalcampaign #dataanalysis #seosea #dashboarddesign #customeracquisition #customerretention #b2b #b2c #consumermarketing #trademarketing











The world is getting more and more complex. Stories are human. They make ideas understandable and tangible. They do not only reach the mind, but also the heart of the people. So when you tell a story, you begin to relate to people. And you invite them to become part of your story.







Our Tools
• Brand Psychology
• Customer-Centricity
• Brand Purpose
• Brand Archetypes
• Brand Roles
• Value Proposition
• Messaging Framework
• Customer Journey
• Touchpoint-Analysis
• Brand Strategy
• Communication Strategy
• Storytelling Techniques
• Creativity
• Empathy
Our Building Materials
• Language
• Tonality
• Rhythm
• Scent
• Photography and Film
• Motion Graphics
• Colour
• Form
• Light
• Typography
• Space
• Dramaturgy
• Voice
• Music
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